Black Mage Box

Black Mage Box


A bespoke monthly selection of bath spells. Each item is thoughtfully hand produced and decorated. generous in concentration, premium ingredients, vibrant colours and considered scents. Reccomended for bathing connoisseurs, generous gifting and good times.

"Why don't you take a bath? Yeah! Wash away your troubles. Bathing cleans the mind and soul."          -MISATO KATSURAGI

A Black Mage Box contains...

x3 Bath Bob'Oms "I'm the king of Kabooms!"  
A random assortment of our scented colourful bath bombs, rich with cocoa butter, made and decorated by hand, no need to unwrap your Bath Bob'Om, just throw them in and duck.

x2 Rare Candy Jelly Soap "Raises the users level by one"
A random selection of our fragrant handmade jelly soaps. Made with seaweed these unique soaps contain no animal derived gelatines and produce excellent foam. can be stored opened without melting or frozen for a cooling summer treat.  

x2 Vile Phials  
A 25ml version of our scented luxury concentrate bubble bath oils. Comes housed in a plastic phial with tight fitting cork.

x1 Boo Juice Vegan Milk Bath "Eh...heh...heh"
A one shot pouch of our dry milk bath powder. Made using vegan certified coconut milk and cocoa each pouch produces a wonderfully creamy and body softening spa. Easily one of our most luxurious items and a firm favourite.

x1 WeaponShop Oil
"Double, Double toil and trouble, fire burn and bathtub bubble! Making potion brew i am..."
Luxury concentrate, skin softening Bubble Bath with luscious scents and water colouring Dye. 
Comes packaged with label illustrated by the WeaponShop and housed in a vintage 8oz glass bottle with tight fitting cork. A rich lather can be achieved with just a drop so up to 25+ baths can be enjoyed!

For other colours and scents please see our other WeaponShop oils.

For Allergy information please see our f.a.q section below.

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