Black Mage Box


A bespoke selection of bath spells. Each item is thoughtfully hand produced and decorated. generous in concentration, premium ingredients, vibrant colours and considered scents. Reccomended for bathing connoisseurs, generous gifting and good times.

"Why don't you take a bath? Yeah! Wash away your troubles. Bathing cleans the mind and soul." -Misato Katsuragi

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Includes a selection of random bath consumable's and your choice of our scented bubble bath oil.


  • x3 Bath Bob'Ombs 210g 
  • x2 Rare Candy Jelly Soap 120g
  • x2 Vile Phials 75ml
  • x1 Boo Juice Milk Bath 70g
  • x1 WeaponShop Oil 8oz
Black Mage Box
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